Playing Fields

Rudheath Parish Council are responsible for two playing fields.

Gadbrook Road Playing Fields

These playing fields are on Gadbrook Road with the main gated entrance midway between West Avenue and Shipbrook Road. There is a further gated entrance on West Avenue.

These large playing fields are very popular within the community. We have an enclosed children’s play area with swings and various climbing apparatus. There is an area for football and the outer perimeter is suitable for dog walking. The playing fields are monitored by security cameras.

It is here that we have our bonfire in November

Griffiths Park

Griffiths Park is located just off Middlewich Road with the main entrance alongside the Co-Operative Supermarket (ex Farmers Arms), there is another entrance at the bottom of Farm road.

Griffiths Park has two distinct and seperate areas. There is the raised area of paths, at the back, through the trees with a variety of scupltures, this area is popular with dog walkers.

The lower section of Griffiths Park is more correctly referred to as St. John’s Playing Fields and consists of the grassed area with the football pitch and the childrens play area. Rudheath Parish Council are responsible for the management of St John’s Playing Fields but not the raised area of pathways at the rear.