Rudheath Cemetery

The Joint Burial Authority is part of the Parish Council and is responsible for all aspects of the running and maintenance of the cemetery. Essentially there are two main areas of responsibility.

Cemetery Grounds Management

We manage and maintain the cemetery grounds themselves. This is everything that is required to keep the grounds clean, tidy and safe. We ensure that the grass is cut on a regular basis and that fences and pathways are kept in good order. From a health and safety point of view we also check headstones to ensure that they do not become unstable and potentially topple over.

Burial Management

We also manage the burial administration. Like all cemeteries and burial grounds there are charges and fees payable.


Please note that further to the Parish Council meeting, it was resolved that our charges and fees acquired on our behalf by Northwich Town Council are increased accordingly with effect from 1st April 2015.  Previous fees are in brackets.

Exclusive Right of Burial

Earthen Grave – Resident                                 £400                (£375)

Earthen Grave – Non-Resident                           £900                (£900)

Cremated Remains Grave – Resident                  £165                (£150)

Cremated Remains Grave – Non-Resident           £330                (£310)

Sanctum 2000 – 1st interment – Resident            £650                (£650)

Sanctum 2000 – 1st interment – Non-Resident     £1300              (£1300)

Sanctum 2000 – 2nd interment – Resident          £180                (£180)

Sanctum 2000 – 2nd interment – Non-Resident    £360                (£360)


Interment in a Grave – stillborn or under age 16          No Charge

1st/2nd/3rd interment                                       £470                (£425)

Cremated Remains Grave                                £185                (£165)

(The interment fee includes the digging of the grave, all administration, transport and grave dressings)


Right to erect a headstone                                       £90              (£86)

Right to place a plaque over Cremated Remains Grave £50              (£45)


Inscription on Broadhurst Memorial                           £30              (£30)

Further Inscriptions                                                £40              (£36)

Grave Deed amendment                                         £50              (£50)

Scattering of Ashes                                               £180            (£160)


N.B.  Double digging (interment) charges apply where the owner of the grave and person being interred resides outside the Parish of Rudheath.


Contact Details – Any enquiries relating to the cemetery should initially be made to the Parish Clerk or on 01606 334078. Please allow up to 2 working days for a response as the Parish Clerks role is only a part time position.