Rudheath Parish Council Committees


Finance Committee -deals with administration and financial matters.
Committee members: Alison Gerrard (Chair), Andy Hancock, Nigel Wilder, Gaye Billington & Fiona Penny (RFO & Clerk).

Cemetery Committee – Manages all aspects of Rudheath Cemetery.
Committee members: Alison Gerrard (Chair), Tony Lawrenson, Joyce Lawrenson, Nigel Wilder.

Playing Fields Committee – Manages Gadbrook Park Playing Field and Griffiths Park Playing Field (St. John’s).

Committee members: Andy Hancock (Chair), Alison Gerrard, Nigel Wilder, Joyce Lawrenson, Margaret Ashbrook.

The Venue Committee – Manages The Venue Community Building

Committee members: Nigel Wilder (Chair), Alison Gerrard, Andy Hancock, Gaye Billington, Joyce Lawrenson, Tony Lawrenson & Margaret Ashbrook